Well I’ve been quite busy painting lately. Just today I finished a commission that – obviously – will be someones gift for Christmas. Which makes it nice. You get a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that you put a lot of care and work into something that you know someone else cares for a lot as well. I can’t post the new painting here… at least until after Christmas. But I thought I would let you all know that I’ve been busy.

If you have your own ideas for something you would like to have painted then feel free to send me an email. I feel like I can paint/draw just about anything (mind you, I’m not an abstract artist – just not my style). Just think, you could be one of the first ever persons to own a Slotwinski painting back when he was first beginning. Won’t that be an investment for the future! I believe at least that I hold a certain amount of quality that is pretty great for how early I am in my career. Of course there are still leaps and bounds I have to achieve still – but I’m always challenging myself and pushing myself to be better…. not just for me, but you as well. I thrive on the thought that people will like what I create. If I think I can make someone get a heightened sense of satisfaction out of something I made for them – that is when I produce my best work.

Especially right now while I’m still trying to prove myself and make a name for myself – I think I’m doing some really good work. Think about it, maybe you’ll want an original Slotwinski hanging in your house.