No new art from me for this site. I’ve just updated www.finniganmulligan.com however. Go check it out!

There’s a reason why I haven’t done any new art yet. First of all, I spent the one day completely reorganizing and cleaning out my studio. After you’ve been using it for five or so months it tends to get messy. I also cleaned up my easel, desk, and painting areas. I still have a few pictures and cork boards to hang up, but, in time. Plus, I had to restock up on a couple paints. White is extremely important, and I was all out. I feel useless without it.

Finally, I had to take two days off for two business trips to Toronto to get my goalie masks scanned. They look great, and I’ve got to touch the files up a tad (balance the shadows), before I post them up so that you have better files to look at. This will probably take up my time for this week as well. However, new things will start to happen soon enough.

Man, the business side of things takes up so much time. Wouldn’t you rather just paint and draw? I would. But I guess this is how I survive.