Monday News

I know that some people are coming to this site to hear of any updates as for how far I am towards making Prints of my artwork available. I’ll let you know that we believe we’ve found a good provider that produces high quality, and keeps the prices low so that I don’t have to charge you all as much. It truly amazes me how much professional prints can cost and how hard it is to hunt for the right prices. I believe we’ve found one, and the only reason I’m not saying it’s a “GO” just yet is because we want to take this week to run a practice order for ourselves to make sure that we can guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of the prints. I just thought I’d let you all know so that you don’t fear I’ve forgotten or that I’m not doing anything towards this effort.

On another note, I’ve worked ahead of schedule for my Finnigan Mulligans so that I can spend most of this week creating new art for this website. I have a few things on the agenda. I was looking in my basement and came across a drawing of mine that’s hanging on our wall. I originally did it was back in high school, and all of my friends say it is one of their most favourite things I’ve ever done. It’s an illusion of hands playing piano (I won’t say anything more to keep the surprise). But since I believe I can easily finish drawing it today I’ve decided that that is what I’ll do. I’m going to redraw it. Why? Because this far down the road I am a MUCH better artist – and I cringe at some of the errors and lack of ability from my original that everyone loves. I know that I can do it better, so I will.