NEWS & Step By Step Painting

Hello everyone!

I apologize if I’ve kept anyone waiting today to post my latest video on ‘how I painted’ Friday’s Grant Fuhr painting. Well your wait is over, it is below here. But I do have a good reason. I was so busy finishingthis weeks new painting of Curt Ridley that I felt I had to keep on rolling with it until it was done. Which it is. But you’ll still have to wait until Friday to see it.

Why is this good news though? That’s because I’m finally on the last goalie mask painting for myHockey’s MaskedMen series of paintings. This doesn’t mean that I’m finished them for good by any means. I plan on painting more. This just means that I’m taking a break from them and doing other things of the same quality and turn out. As well, sometimes you just have to have a break from painting the same things over and over again. But this break is going to be worth it. I’ve got big plans for these goalie masks, and I’m currently on schedule. I don’t want to give anything away just yet, but over the next little while I’ll slowly begin to unravel a bunch of thrilling things to you all. Join me on Twitter if you haven’t, as you’ll get a front row seat to many of these things there.

And moving on.

Here is the latest Step by Step video.