The first round of prints arrived yesterday. We only ordered a small quantity of them so that we could see how they turn out – and to find out if they would even sell. They are a tad bit darker in print than the original paintings – I’d say 9/10 to 9.5/10. They still look great, just a shade darker. Most you wouldn’t be able to tell however. And maybe it’s just the impressionable artists eye for perfection that I have.

Either way, now we are working on ways of handling, boxing, and shipping prints out to people. While we work this out, you can still let me know if you are interested in purchasing a print of a selection of the Hockey’s Masked Men goalie mask paintings by sending an email to me at:

T’is the season – so Merry Christmas to all. Stay safe these holidays.

Michael Slotwinski


Oh, and P.S. A lot of announcements coming your way. So keep an eye on this blog.