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Who’s behind the shield?

Michael Slotwinski, the artist behind Slots Art Studio’s, is a recent honours graduate of the Studio Arts and Dramatic Arts programs from the University of Guelph (BA 2011), as well as a graduate of the Althouse College of Teachers at the University of Western Ontario (BEd 2012). Finally finished his education, Michael created Slots Art Studio to showcase the type of artwork that captivates him the most – in the hopes that others will be awe-inspired by the works created by him.

Currently Michael is working on two projects; the Hockey’s Masked Men collection and the Finnigan Mulligan.

The first is interpretative large scale oil paintings of hockey’s most notorious goalie masks. Each mask has a story and the mask protects the identity of the face hidden behind this shield. The paintings are dramatic and meant to create conversation and controversy. Recently, Michael has been touring all over the OHL to show this project and hopes to attend a Rangers’ game at the Auditorium soon.

The second is the creation of his own official fine art cartoon series, Finnigan Mulligan, which he runs alongside Slots Art Studio. The Finnigan Mulligan series is about a golfer named Finnigan who fails miserably at life for the benefit of our laughter. A man of all trades and terrible at all these trades – he is dopey, unwise, exceptionally awkward, and terribly unlucky; always ending up in crazy scenarios and odd predicaments, which is something we can all relate to. You can check him out at

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