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Highlighter Art

Below are the results from my final art critique for my Drawing program during my education at the University of Guelph. Having to develop a concept behind my artwork and wanting to keep my realistic style, I chose to draw birds in nature with seemingly ‘unnaturally’ vibrant colours using ‘unnaturally’ vibrantly coloured ‘unnatural’ drawing utencils… Bic Highlighters: Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, and Orange (with the help from an Indian Ink marker as well). By doing so, I’d be creating what I considered to be high-quality art using cheap industrial fake materials. But really, I just wanted to push myself.

Each drawing took about 10-12 hours to complete. Using library books as my source material and watercolour paper as my working material, I created a grid of highliter mixes – overlapping each other. This would be my colour chart that I would use to try and pinpoint what highlighters I needed to mix to create certain colours. There is only so much variation you can get out of these 6 colours, and I had to invent ways to blend them with the black marker, or scrape away the ink on the paper to lighten its hue, or smear the inks with my fingers and other objects to create stunning blends of colour.

I’m quite proud of these little pictures. I’ve given them to my aunt who has had them professionally framed so that they can be hung up and appreciated without fading away in the sunlight. I could see myself doing some more of these sometime in the future (move onto other birds, fish, and plants).