Art Exhibit “This” Friday

Just a reminder that this coming Friday (November 30th) … as in tomorrow … I will be taking the long drive from Sarnia to Kingston to display my artwork at the K-Rock Centre during the Frontenacs game Vs. the Oshawa Generals. This game is at 7:00 PM.

You can read an article about this show by reading this fantastic piece about me by The Whig, here:

I look forward to meeting with the Frontenac staff who have been extremely helpful so far – as well as the fans! It’s going to be a great night which I’ve been preparing for almost this entire week. I’m all set and ready to go.

If you are from Kingston and have heard about me through the news – then ‘welcome’ to my my website. Here on this blog I try to keep everyone connected with all that is happening. At the moment the main priority is informing people about where I will be and where I take my Display as I go on the road from one hockey arena to the next. There are a few more dates that I’m under negotiations with that I will hopefully be able to inform you of soon. Cross your fingers.

If you are a somebody that has contacted me in hopes of purchasing a print I can inform you that I have ordered an assortment of prints. As soon as they arrive I will post that on my website as well. Keep your eye on this page, as there is a very limited number that I will have in stock – as I had to ‘guess’ which were the most popular pieces, and how many of each I could get while also considering that I have a certain amount in my budget that I can put towards orders (before I know if they are actually something that will sell or not). Remember, I’m just trying to build an audience at the moment – these prints are for those that insisted on having one of their own. They are on their way.

Currently this weekend I began drawing a sequel to myGalloping Piano Fingers charcoal drawing – although it’s been slow going as I’ve really had to focus on organizing my business oportunities, responding to emails, phone calls, interviews, and the like. That and I’m also trying to remain drawing my Finnigan Mulligans daily as much as possible. Next week I have a work commission I will be working on – my second ever – which is exciting.

The Christmas Season is fast approaching. It’s a busy time, but I’m still having a good time and I hope that all of you are too.