Hockey Fans & Art Lovers – Your Help Is Needed!

Everyone loves art. An estimated 100,000 people have seen the Hockey’s Masked Men art display over the last two tours – whether it be at their local OHL Arena, Hockey Tournament, Sporting Event, or Charity Function.

Having wrapped up his 2nd successful round tour of Ontario, Slotwinski is now focusing on expanding his reach to an even broader audience. And like all beginner artists; Michael Slotwinski “Needs YOUR Help!”

Would you like to see “Hockey’s Masked Men” continue?
Would you like to see “Hockey’s Masked Men” come to your town?
Do you live outside of Ontario – and haven’t had the chance to see the “Hockey’s Masked Men” exhibit yet?
Do you know of – or have any relations with anyone affiliated with Hockey Canada, the NHL, NHL Teams, or personnel within a company or corporation that can help expand “Hockey’s Masked Men”?

If you are one of the 100,000 people that saw my artwork over the last year and a half – now is your time to step up and lend a helping hand.

Hockey’s Masked Men is a series of large scale oil paintings by artist Michael Slotwinski depicting his representation of iconic goalie masks worn throughout the past half century.

Slotwinski has taken his art display on the road as a traveling exhibit. All of his shows are free – so that hockey fans across the land can come together and enjoy a new side of the game … through artwork.

While Hockey’s Masked Men has been put on display in art galleries, Slotwinski prefers to mark his tour dates with stops at actual arena settings – a more familiar atmosphere for all things hockey.

Another unique aspect of this tour is that the artist, Slotwinski, actually stands alongside his artwork and accepts questions from onlookers, explains interesting details of the work, and listens to the fans own stories.

Hockey’s Masked Men celebrates the rich history of the hockey mask as it developed both structurally and artistically – and brings attention to the battle scars, wear & tear, and true purpose of the masks original intentions… to protect the men who wore the legendary masks.

Thank You.
– Michael Slotwinski