Thank You Belleville

It was another great night displaying my artwork, this time in Belleville at the Yardmen Arena. Not only do I want to thank the Belleville Bulls staff for all of the help they lent me, but also to the fans as well for giving me such a warm welcome.

To all of those who are new to my website I hope that you enjoy what you see. It is still somewhat in its infancy and I have a lot of plans to bring it up to speed still. Here in this Blog I try my best to keep everyone updates with all News, my Tour, and each of my new Works. Bookmark this site if you would, I try to add something new to it every week or two to keep all interested in what I’m doing. At the same time I do my artwork I also run a second site: where I post hand drawn golf cartoons throughout the week (adding a new watercolour drawing each Friday). Some days I’m unable to post because I’ve just got too much on my plate, or I’ve got an important business opportunity I have to attend to first, but I try to add something new each day as much as I can.

If you are interested in prints – I have ordered a limited supply of them. I am just waiting for them to arrive in the mail still. If you are interested in one please Email me with your name and a way of contacting you. Let me know which you are interested in so that I have an idea of what is popular in the lot. If these sell well I will be able to order more.

If you would like me to work on commission I am able to do that as well. Once again, Email Me so that we can work together on making sure that all works out and so that I can give you more of the details on the process of making this happen for you. I am willing to paint original pieces, repaint an old one, work out something entirely new. I do landscapes, watercolour, oil, charcoal, and pencil drawings.

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