New Charcoal Drawing

Whenever I was bored as a kid I would pretend that my hands were animals, monsters and dinosaurs. Naturally, while playing the piano I would conjure up the image of my fingers turning into galloping horses (So, here is an insight into my imagination).
Originally I drew this charcoal drawing back in high school. That lesson we were learning how to use charcoal – which I don’t like using. But I’ll admit that its characteristic properties look quite nice on a finished product.
Everyone has always told me that they really liked that drawing of mine. I never thought much of it. Actually, I didn’t understand why my mom wanted to frame it and hang it up. I hardly thought it was that good. The horses look like cartoons to me. Which is why I decided to redraw it.
My abilities have expanded so much over the past five and a half years that I figured it would be fun to take two days to revisit this drawing. That involved planning out the positioning of my fingers on the piano, researching and sketching horses, drafting my transitions and finally doing the finished product.

I’ve created a new DrawingGallery to hold this one in. While I have tons of sketchbook drawings I’m going to save them instead of putting them in the gallery. I’m sure you’ll see a lot of them over time.

This is my new drawing. If you click on the image to visit the gallery (Note: for now this is the only image in it, but you can view a higher resolution by clicking on the image under the scrolling gallery)

Below is an image of the original.

The original charcoal drawing I did back in high school when I first used charcoal