Finnigan Mulligan Gallery Update

Hello everyone, Happy Friday!

For a long while I had a standing Gallery of four Finnigan Mulligan prints that I hoped would launch people towards my other website: . I mentioned that in October I would be starting them up again – and of course, it’s now December, and I have in fact been doing more. However, I only now came back across this and decided that I would fill the Finnigan Mulligan Gallery here on this website each week as well.

This means that you can expect to see a new Finnigan Mulligan Watercolour Print each Friday when you visit Slots Art Studio. However, I highly encourage you to check out and bookmark it – as I actually put a lot of effort into creating a new cartoon every day throughout the week by drawing them up in ink. Friday’s are special though. Take a look, I’m sure you will enjoy.

If you are new to my Finnigan Mulligan Cartoons I’ll just summarize once more by saying that at the moment he is a golfer who fails at golf in every way possible. Once I run out of golf jokes I will move on to other territories. I want to expand Finnigan into all other sports, hobbies, and occupations – failing at all of them! Fun stuff.

Check it out, bookmark it, visit it, like it, and have a great weekend everyone.

Michael Slotwinski