Finnigan Mulligan & News

Some may be wondering why I haven’t been posting new art on this website since I finished my Goalie Mask Series. If you keep up to date with my blog posts on this site then you would know that I’ve been working hard on my dual site: where I draw and paint Golf Cartoons. I decided I would post a couple of the ‘Friday-Posts’ here for all those to see that are new to any of my sites. Pretty much, every day I post a new cartoon over at that second site I linked above. It’d be nice if you checked it out, bookmarked it, and came to it every day or week to see what all is new. I work pretty hard on them and am quite happy with them. They are getting better and better as I figure out my style more and more (especially now that I’m working at a good enough pace to accomplish a weeks worth in a week).

But I have some other good news for those who don’t care about my dear friend Finn. After I finish today’s Cartoon sketches I’m pretty sure that I’ll be a weeks worth ahead of myself. This means that next week I can take a few days paint and draw some ‘other art’ for this website again! I’ve taken a little break since the Goalie Mask paintings, which was well needed (imagine having your nose an inch away from a 3′ board for 2 months). Well, I’m happy enough to dive back into painting – and there is an illusionary drawing I want to redraw again. It’s of a piece I drew back in high school that everyone seems to like – and I think that I could do a better job now this far down the road. I’ll keep it a surprise for next week though.