After long delays, much thinking, and days of tinkering, I am proud to finally unveil my new official website: Slots Art Studio.

This is my first website, and it may take a while for me to find the right groove to run it properly. Even though it is still in it’s infancy you can believe me when I say that you can expect big things to start happening around this site. A wise person would bookmark this link and check it frequently each week to see all that is new.

So what can one expect from this Most dominantly, a fantastic display of new and original artworks. At least once a week a new painting will be posted. Currently, I’m working towards finishing my series on goalie masks: Hockey’s Masked Men. As I begin to spread out and produce more and more artworks, new galleries will be added along the site’s top headline for your viewing pleasure. These could range between oil paintings, watercolour work, ink and graphite drawings, landscape paintings, figure drawings, or other series and collections of works that I think up over time. This very blog will be heavily populated with posts being updated many times throughout the week. I try to document my studio habitat and development of my artworks mid-process quite well, and I expect that I’ll use this blog to post interesting behind the scenes images and video.

And, of course, any important news worthy pieces of information that need to be states will obviously be highlighted in this blog as well. This could be shows and galleries where my artwork is being displayed, any press releases, or career breakthrough moments that need to be addressed.

Soon enough I’d like to add a SHOP or Purchasing function, but until then enjoy the site and/or go to Contact if you really feel the need to own a piece of my art. If so, email me with an offer.

Thank you for taking interest in this site. Expect big and grand things from me. Please, take your time and look around, visit my other ‘new’ website to see my golf cartoon illustrations. I’m sure you will be pleasantly amused.

P.S. do me a favour and pass this website along to friends and family. Thanks.

Michael Slotwinski —