Quick Question…

I’s been brought to my attention by a ‘few’ people that they didn’t realize that in order to see my complete catalogue of paintings and to read about their descriptions – that you had to click on the pictures.

Meaning, that if you were to go to GALLERIES, and hover over the few images that are there, you will see their Sub-Gallery-Title appear: ex: “Watercolours” … or… “Goalie Masks (60s & 70s)“.

They had no idea that if you click on those images that it brings you into a scrolling gallery, with all of the images laid out a second time below the scrolling-gallery in grid format with brief descriptions about them. And as well, that if you click on the gridded images, that it brings you to their highest resolution.

This all seems obvious to me – so my question is, is this obvious to everyone else, did you not know that?

Also, these same people don’t believe that other people know to look under this blog for updates and ‘other’ content (which I’m still slowly posting) such as statements, videos and comments. I know that you’d have to have clicked the Blog to be reading this, but do people not know that this blog will serve as an important outlet to all that’s new and happening around the site?

Please let me know by leaving me a comment below. I don’t consider myself a computer wizard by any means, but I want to make sure I’m not just assuming that people are on the same page as me.

PS, today’s updates are below this post.