Sarnia Sting Exhibit

Wow, what a great game. Not only did the home team: The Sarnia Sting, win their match against the Sudbury Wolves, but I also had a wonderful time showing off my exhibit to a more than welcoming crowd.

During yesterdays game I had the opportunity to show off a large sum of my goalie mask series:Hockey’s Masked Men at the back end of the arena and in the box seats lobby of the RBC Centre in Sarnia. If you came out to the game and saw either/or exhibit, and wanted to have the chance to see the ones that you missed, then come out to today’s Super Series Game at the same location. Team OHL will be facing the Russian Jr’s National Team, and my exhibit will be up once again at the same locations. However, this time around I will have rearranged the order of the masks, so that those on the ground floor will have the ability to see those that they could not see last game.

If you were at yesterday’s game and found your way here to this blog, I guess I will take this time to give you a quick briefing on the way it works. First of all, I am a local artist residing here in Sarnia Ontario. I just finished school and spent the last few months painting my goalie mask series mentioned above. But this is not the only art that I do. If you enjoy sports, you might also like my other website:, where at the moment I am drawing golf cartoons with my character Finnigan Mulligan. Every week day I add a new ink drawing, and on Friday’s I have a new Watercolour cartoon as well. This cartoon will eventually expand into all other sports, hobbies, and occupations, so if you stick with it, you’ll find humour in all of your trades.

Back to this site – My artwork tends to take a long while to produce, as I enjoy putting in a lot of detail. So won’t have daily submissions like my other website, I will try my best to keep you up to date each week on what I am working on and where I’m at. I’m currently making a transition from my goalie masks into landscape art. But I may have to work on a few things at once if my hockey art gains a certain amount of popularity (then I couldn’t refuse to add to it in my spare time).

Both of my websites are set up the same. If you are trying to navigate through them I want to make sure that you are seeing it all. First of all, my home page displays certain works that I want to highlight. Don’t depend on it to show you everything that is new. For that, comehere, to my blog posts, where I try to keep everyone up to date with everything. Most of my posts will be along these lines, with me rambling on about this and that, but I also post a picture and quick description of each new work that I post on this website.

When you go to myGallery page, there are only six pictures. If you move your mouse over top of them their titles will appear, and you should realize that these are actually individual galleries. If you click on them you will come to a new page where you can scroll sideways from one picture to another. BUT! If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will come across these same pictures as well as their descriptions and larger formats if you click on them.

Many people last night were interested in purchasing my work. Currently I am taking my originals on tour. I am in talks with other organizations to bring my work across the province to build my audience and so that other people can enjoy my work as much as I hope you all did yesterday. So, as for now, the originals don’t have a price on them. But if you really can’t resist, give me an email: . I am also astounded by the amount of people who asked I would be selling prints of my paintings. I am working on it. I’ve had all of my work professionally digitized (I haven’t quite had the time to upgrade the pictures on my website yet), and have been doing extensive research into printing labs that will give you the best quality for the best price. I know how the economy is right now, I know that art tends to be expensive, I don’t want to make people go broke to have a copy of my work. This is why I’m trying to take the right steps to do it right, for you. If you keep your eyes posted to this website over the next two weeks or so, that is my goal to set up some type of buying function. You can also send me an email to let me know that you would be interested in being notified once I figure this all out.

I’m glad that my work is popular, I hope that my tour can grow so that I can show more people these paintings. I worked long and hard on them and based on the type of response I received yesterday from everyone I believe that it is beginning to pay off.

Thank you everyone, I hope that I can see you all again tonight.

– Michael Slotwinski