Choose a Page Size

Okay, so you’ve taken your photo . . . now you need to choose how large the drawing will be. Again, I’ve tried to simplify things by giving you a few options to choose from. The dimensions below are measured in inches:

$30 – SMALL: 9″ x 12″ Size

$40 – MEDIUM: 12″ x 18″ Size

$TBD – LARGE: 18″ x 24″ Size  (* see below)


  • Shipping & Handling is not included. However, it can be waived if you live in Sarnia and the artwork can be picked-up or dropped off.
  • Want to included more than one face onto the page? Simply double the price-value. (Ex. A Small-Sized picture with two faces drawn onto the page would cost $60).
  • Frames are not included. I do not handle frames at all – they are up to you to decide.

 * Due to the large size, Large Drawings will be reserved for customers interested in having a minimum of three portraits combined onto the same page. You can continue to add extra faces, $30, each.