Art Series Commissions

Commission prices are predetermined based on their size, medium, complexity, and whether or not it is part of a recurring series. Please title all commission-based inquiry emails as such: Commission Request, to

If you are interested in gifting an original artwork for a holiday or special occasion, please place orders a few weeks or months ahead of time for production and a busy schedule. Reserve a time-slot before somebody else does!

Available Size, Price & Shipping Costs

Note, all dimensions are typical page sizes that will fit standard matte and frames (not provided as part of purchase). However, the spaces coloured in light orange are my preferred scale that the majority of the series have been produced with.

Please Note, I do not include mattes or frames – I only offer the artwork.

Methods of Payment

I primarily use online banking as a source of transaction with all of my clients, via PayPal.

IMPORTANT – a 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid one week prior to the start of any new project. Why must you place a deposit? Sometimes, once the artwork has been completed and it is time to deliver it to the buyer, the buyer gets cold feed, are unsatisfied, or they are no longer able to pay for what they ordered. Basically, it is a way for an artist to protect their invested time and interest into the work they are being hired to produce.

Final Fees

The remaining 50% of the costs will be due with the completion of the artwork. The product will not be shipped unless it has been paid for in full.


The artist retains full copyright on all artwork that is produced, including mock-ups and prints. When a portrait is commissioned I reserve the right to display it in my website gallery and on my social media pages. Clients who do not wish their commissioned portrait to be shown online must notify me before work commences.

Cancellations & Rejection of Finished Product

If a client cancels the commission prior to me commencing work on it, then the client will not be expected to pay the remaining balance for my efforts. However, the 50% deposit will still be withheld for loss of work or other opportunities.

If a client is not satisfied with the final product, we can discuss methods of alteration – though it will be up to the client to fully fund shipping both ways to fix any problems. However, I will not return the production fees if the customer is still unsatisfied. A project is never completed until I am satisfied that I have produced something with quality effort.