Graphite Portrait Drawing Sketch


Graphite pencil portrait drawings. Portraiture is the visual representation of the likeness of a person that sometimes may even reveal their inner essence of being.


Hockey's Masked Men

Hockey's Masked Men is a series of iconic NHL goalie mask oil paintings created by artist Michael Slotwinski. It depicts both the artistic and structural evolution of the hockey mask over the past half century.

One Line Drawings

Single Line Drawings of the worlds most famous landmarks and architecture. Created with pen & ink using just a single line that varies in thickness and direction - never crossing over its own path from start to finish.

Focus Art

See only what matters. That's the idea behind Focus Art; where the most exciting features are accentuated with vivid painted detail, and the background dissolves into the rough pencil sketches and under-drawings.

Charcoal Drawings

Various drawings created using Charcoal and Pencil-based mediums. Slotwinski has mastered the art of drawing and feels quite comfortable to draw just about anything - given the time.

Highlighter Art

Produced using the six common colours found in Bic Highlighters, and indian ink; this series of vibrantly colourful birds explores the boundaries of the colour spectrum by pushing the limitations of an uncommon medium.

Misc. Art

Here on this page you will find a wide range of arts encompassing many mediums. These artworks could be commissions, experiments, or special projects that I worked on which do not fit into other gallery categories.