Turn Your Photo into a Work of Art

Why not turn your favourite photograph into a timeless piece of art? Or, if you are thinking of someone else, why not give them a portrait drawing as a gift. An original piece of artwork is the perfect present for any occasion: weddings, anniversaries, birthday’s, newborns, mother’s day, father’s day, and Christmas!

I use graphite pencils to draw my portraits. The main features are completed with high realism before transitioning into a sketcherly-manner for artistic affect.

I worked on Canson 140 lb, cold-pressed, acid-free fine art paper. It has been treated to be mould-resistant and there are no optical-brightness additives, which means that it will not deteriorate over time.

Visit the PORTRAIT GALLERY page for examples of my work.

How it's Done?

It’s really simple … (1) Choose a Size, (2) Upload / Take a Photo, (3) Email Your Info, (4) Send an E-Transfer, and (5) Receive your Drawing!

Click on each Step Title for more in-depth information. Will accept cash.

$30 – SMALL: 9″ x 12″ Size 

$40 – MEDIUM: 12″ x 18″ Size

$TBD – LARGE: 18″ x 24″ Size  (* click for more info)

  • Frames / Shipping & Handling not included.
  • Double price to add an extra face to page.

Follow these simple rules: (1) It must be digital, (2) Fill the Frame, (3) have Lots of Light, (4) have a Blank Background, and (5) Think of Your Pose.

Front Centre-View
Forward / Front-Centre View
Angled Three-Quarter View
Angled / Three-Quarters View
Side-Profile View

There are a few pieces of information I will need from you: (1) Your Contact Info, (2) Your Photograph, (3) the Page Size, (4) your Receiving Options, and (5) any Extra Info you may have for me.

My contact information is: slotsartstudio@gmail.com

Soon after I receive your email, I will send you a reply with an E-Transfer or PayPal Invoice. I will only begin drawing your order once the money has been sent and accepted.

You will be notified by email or telephone once your artwork has been completed. Your original email should describe how you wish to receive your completed artwork: (1) By Mail, or (2) Picked up in Person


The artist retains full copyright ownership on all artwork that is produced, including mock-ups, digital displays, and the ability to reproduce prints.

You hereby give the rights for the artist to post a print of the artwork online and in the form of advertisements.